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IG only Promo

We used our automation tools to go out and Like, Comment, follow and also Unfollow a fanbase you tell us to target

1st we ask you questions about your music
Next we take a listen to the songs you want to promote and gauge the markets that it would fit in
Then we target the fans of those artist who are in the markets similar to yours
Finally you see the results of these people following, liking, commenting, and sending you DMs to engagement with you

This is a monthly package and its minimum is 50 to get started and we offer an accelerated growth package as well for 100 a month!!!

Rapper Get Started Basic package

1. IG growth guaranteed results
2.CopyRight music for you
3. Register music to all royalty based platforms to monitor your royalties
4. Mix and master of your unreleased song
5. Social media promotion on @mtmgangsick story to 24.5K+ followers
6. Submissions to 5-10 blogs
7. A questionnaire
8. 1000 Spotify streams
9. A email blast to 2000 contacts
10. A detailed report about the promotion of your song

First I send you a list of questions to find out about what you’ve been doing and what you plan to do

Next I gather a detailed list of all your most recent content and highlight the bigger releases you have

Then I prepare a enriched Epk detailing all the highlights of your career and what trials and tribulations made you the artist we hear today

Finally I publish it to my network of followers and reliable contacts for placement and feedback

Cost 250 -350

Sliver Rapper We Almost There Package

Includes everything in the Starter package

Adds 10K Spotify streams
Add 3-5 Spotify playlist placements guaranteed
Add 10-15 blog placements guaranteed
A post on @mtmgangsick page for 24-48 hours avgs 3K to 10K views in 48 hours
Includes our Rapid growth IG

Price 500

Gold Rapper Blow Up Package

Everything in the Sliver
Get a verse from @mtmgangsick and a post on his page forever in 30 days usually gets 15k to 30K for audio releases and 100-500 comments
Get a week of story posts from @mtmgangsick page
Get a video if willing to travel to his location or fly him out
Guaranteed post on @saycheesetv
Guaranteed show performance with @mtmgangsick in a city of your choice
Video of the performance uploaded to his IG
Music video posted to his YouTube channel

Price 1300
Add 800 for WSHH Placement Guaranteed
Add 1000 for @saycheese interview with @mtmgangsick
Add 500 to post the song to @mtmgangsick Spotify

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