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MyMixTapez Uploads 

A. Singles = 25
B. Mixtapes= 75
C. EP's = 50

Blog Placement 

A. Starter Package = 150
Placement to thisis50.com and 4 other smaller blogs 

B. 500 - we submit you to over 50+ blogs placement not guaranteed but you will see efficient results 

C. 1500+ contact us regarding this package for a custom package 

Instagram service 

Breakdown - for 50 a month we will increase the traffic on your Instagram profile completely! You will get more likes more followers and it's all completely 100% Organic for a full breakdown contact us 

We also offer a free 24 hour trial to see if our potential client wants to keep the service going 

Digital distribution - To busy to set up all those distribution accounts plus copyrights or maybe your just unfamiliar with the process and wanted to have a Pro set it up for you!

A. Single Distribution - 100
B. EP Distribution - 150 
C. Album Distribution - 200 

We use Tunecore or CDbaby depending on your needs. We also register your music thru the http://www.copyright.gov

We also register your music thru Gracenote and thru soundscan for maximum results with BDS Royalties 

Google ads and SEO

We use Google ads and SEO to maximize a campaign's awareness and increase traffic in the areas you see fit! 

1st we have a conversation and pinpoint some goals you want to accomplish and create a strategy based on those goals 

Next we create a budget and time for these goals to be accomplished and point out any potential income loss or gain as well as potential risk factors and profit margins 

Then we input this plan into effect checking with you weekly to discuss results and different areas of opportunity. Also deciding if we need to increase or decrease the budget 

Finally at the end of the campaign we go thru analytics data to see how much traffic has increased and where your traffic is mostly coming from and decide if you want to extend the campaign's duration

Ps. The way we set it up for your YouTube your video is monetize so you will recoup some of your invest thru monthly or quarterly payouts if your video is not already monetized we can do this for an extra 25

Campaigns start at 250 

Mixing and Mastering 

Just recorded that hot new track and want to really get it sounding like a industry record we can help with that! With our world class plugins and mixing techniques we will have you sounding like the pros in no time! 

First we listen to the track to get a vibe with the record listening for different ways we can enhance your sound 

Next we use state of the plugins like waves, fabfilter, Antares, Abbey road, SSL, Bomb Factory, Isotope, etc 

Then we add effects, drops and warmth to your track we analyze where your track needs to be cranked at and where it needs special effects to bring out the audio

Finally we master the track using our infamous mastering plugins from Waves and SSL then we play the audio from multiple playback systems to guarantee perfection 

Mixing starts at 50 for 4 - 12 tracks in a session
And 100 for up 30 tracks in a session additional tracks are 5 dollars a track per session over maximum amount 

Mastering is a standard fee of 50 dollars comes with one free revision additional revisions are 25 per revision 

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